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KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM is committed to protecting the privacy of our students' personal information. Please read the "Privacy Policy" below to better understand our commitments to respect and protect our students' rights:

Purpose and Scope of Information Collection

KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM collects personal information from students on a voluntary basis for the purpose of registering accounts or purchasing products online on the website https://vie.vmied.com/. The information collected includes:

♦ Account registration: Full name, email, phone number.

♦ Direct purchase without an account: Full name, email, phone number, contact address.

KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM collects personal information from students for the following purposes:

♦ To provide products to students according to their orders.

♦ To contact, confirm order information and open Vietnamese lesson accounts for students.

♦ To contact and support students in case of complaints.

♦ To answer questions or send documents and information at the request of students.

♦ To evaluate, analyze the market and students, including asking for students' opinions on our products and services and conducting customer surveys.

♦ To send students promotional information, discounts, and gratitude.


Scope of Information Use

KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM will only use students' personal information for the purposes specified in Section 1 or for other purposes (if any) with the prior notification and consent of the students.

KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM will not use students' personal information to send advertisements, introduce services, and other commercial information without the students' consent.

Students understand and agree that KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM is obligated to provide students' information upon request/decision of competent authorities and/or as required by law. KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM will be exempt from any liability related to information security in this case.


Information Retention Period

Students' personal data will be stored until a request for deletion is made through the contact methods shown on the website homepage or in other cases as specified in this Policy or as required by law. In all other cases, students' personal information will be kept secure on KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM's server system.


Parties or Organizations that may Access Information

♦ Students' personal information may be disclosed in the following cases: To fulfill obligations to provide personal information at the request of competent authorities or as required by law.- To ship goods to students and/or handle order-related issues.

♦ To protect KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM and other third parties: KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM will only release account information and other personal information when it is confident that such release is in accordance with the law and protects the rights and property of students and other third parties.

♦ In addition to the above cases of information disclosure, KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM will not provide personal information to any third party without the student's consent. KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM is committed to protecting students' information and will not sell students' personal information to other entities for commercial purposes or any other purpose not in accordance with the law.


Address of the Information Collection and Management Unit

If students have any questions about this Policy, they can contact KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM using the following information:

Phone number: 090 332 8995

Email: tranthilamthuy@gmail.com

Address: 94/44 Luu Chi Hieu, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City


Methods and Tools for Consumers to Access and Edit Personal Data

Students have the right to check, update, adjust or delete their personal information by logging into their account on KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM's website and making changes as needed. KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM guarantees that only students and KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM have the right to access and edit this information legally.


Mechanism for Receiving and Resolving Complaints from Students Regarding the Use of Personal Information for Wrong Purposes or Outside the Scope of Notice

Complaints from students about the use of personal information for wrong purposes or outside the scope of notice will be received by KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM through the contact methods in Section 5 of this Policy. KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM will assign relevant personnel to resolve students' complaints within 3 working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) from the time KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM receives the complaint.

In case of disputes arising from or related to transactions made on the KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM website, the priority shall be to resolve them through negotiation and mediation. If the parties cannot resolve the dispute themselves, the dispute shall be submitted to a competent court in Vietnam for adjudication.

KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time in accordance with legal regulations or changes in KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM's operations.

Thank you for using KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM! 

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