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KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM offers two convenient payment methods for purchasing lessons on its website:

1. Bank Transfer Payment:

Payments through bank transfer are processed securely via VNPAY's payment gateway.

Students simply need to enter their information as instructed, and the system will automatically transfer the payment to KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM's account.


2. Payment by Card Code:

Card codes are generated to facilitate payments for:

♦ Students who receive gifts from the program (the gift is an online Vietnamese learning card)

♦ Students who are part of a group/class purchase to receive discounts

♦ Students unable to pay by bank transfer can contact KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM directly through the Hotline to receive a card code.

The card clearly indicates the service package (COURSE CODE) and CARD CODE (hidden under a silver scratch-off layer).

Students simply need to enter the information on the card to activate it and start using the lessons immediately.


For students who wish to receive a card code through the Hotline, please transfer the payment to the following account:


Account Number: 6666 5555 6868

Bank: Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank - Branch 2


When transferring the payment, please clearly indicate the following in the transaction details:

BUY THE CODE CARD – service package – Phone number (ex: BUY THE CODE CARD – O1 MONTH – 0903328995).

The card provider will contact the student to provide the card code immediately after receiving the payment.


Important Notes:

ATM Cards (Domestic Debit/Payment/Prepaid Cards): To pay using a domestic bank card, the student's card must be registered for online payment or e-banking services with the bank. The transaction must be successfully recorded with a successful authorization notification from the payment gateway system (ensuring sufficient balance/limit and student authentication according to card usage regulations).

Credit Cards: Credit cards issued by domestic and foreign banks are accepted. The transaction must be successfully authorized by the payment gateway system (ensuring sufficient balance/limit and student authentication according to card usage regulations).


In case of unsuccessful payment transactions, there could be several reasons:

♦ The card has not been registered for online payment with the bank.

♦ The card does not have enough balance/limit to make the payment. Some banks have daily spending limits for cards.

♦ Incorrect card information was entered.

♦ Please contact KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM or the card issuing bank to identify the exact cause.

KNOCK KNOCK VIETNAM is committed to providing a secure and convenient payment experience for all students.


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